how to add pedometer to ipod

Apple extended the Nano’s life by adding features such as a photo library, video playback and some “fitness” features, such as a pedometer. In other words, if you buy a Nano, most of the ... More

how to make a call that goes straight to voicemail

Calls going straight to voicemail Hi there, Recently my calls have started going straight to voicemail and instead of a call Ive been recieving a message saying the contact called but didnt leave a message, does anyone know why this is, Ive looked at al the call settings and disabled anything that should be causing this and it stil hasnt helped ... More

how to change your last name once married in texas

17/08/2018 · How to Change Your Name in Texas. So, you live in Texas and want to legally change your name. You may want to change your name because you have been recently married or divorced. You may want to change your child's name if you have adopted... So, you live in Texas and want to legally change your name. You may want to change your name because you have been recently married … ... More

how to create a portable version of steam

3/01/2019 · Over on the official Steam page for the PC version of Bayonetta, a new update on the community page simply had a picture of a sheep, appropriately titled “Baaa.” While this The monkeys found this on DUAL SHOCKERS view the full content HERE ... More

how to download flash games on android

Games are integrated part of our lives and so does when it comes to games, we can’t ever take the olden Goldie games out of our memory. So let’s check out on how you can easily play all the flash games on your Android devices. ... More

how to add arch to my orthotics

Footminders’ orthotic technology enables our products to be firm enough to provide needed arch support, but pliable enough to provide cushioning, and to mold to your feet after a few days of wear, providing maximum walking comfort. ... More

how to connect ear bluetooth

Discover product support for your SoundLink® On-Ear Bluetooth® headphones. Learn how to operate your product through helpful tips, technical support info and manuals. Learn how to operate your product through helpful tips, technical support info and manuals. ... More

how to add to form vb

I have a form "Search.frm" in my vb6 project. I want to add the same form with a different name "SearchNew.frm". I copied the form "Search.frm" and renamed to "SearchNew.frm" and tried to add … ... More

how to build a working model of a tsunami

Tsunami steam decoders can produce as many as 24 sound effects, including the bell, whistle, airpump, dynamo, snifter valve, injectors, firebox blower, side rod clank, brake squeal, exhaust chuff and more. Pull up to the water tank and activate the Water Stop effect! Fireman Fred works to keep the locomotive in prime operating condition, and you can customize how often you will hear Fred and ... More

how to ask patients for google reviews

Just ask your happy patients for feedback. When someone is thanking you or you can tell a patient has great rapport with you and is grateful, simply ask them for their feedback online. You can give them a Review MiniCard - which has instructions on how to write reviews for you online. ... More

how to change gamecentre details

Discover ITPAYS Promo Details: Valid at only. Use coupon code ITPAYS. Discount cannot be combined with any other coupon, group offer, discount or sale. Not valid on prior purchases of gift cards. Offer may be terminated at any time. ... More

how to break my amniotic sac

Amnioinfusion is done by introducing saline into the amniotic sac through a catheter placed in the cervix during labor. Low amniotic fluid during pregnancy is a serious condition. If you have any concerns about the amount of fluid around your baby, talk with your health care provider. ... More

how to use powershell to clear chrome history list

25/03/2016 · PowerShell turns out has a great memory, and can help you with those tedious list of commands you've entered time over time. No worries if you've closed the PowerShell window, rebooted your machine, PowerShell will remember your history. ... More

how to change personal details on seek

Change my details! Not ready/able to use the online change of contact system? You can still update your contact details with us by printing off and completing the form and faxing it to +61 8 6251 1902 or posting to Locked Bag 14, Cloisters Square, WA 6850. ... More

how to build a basic blanket box from pine

The variety of storage boxes available at Fantastic Furniture proves that there’s so much more to this range than simple cube inserts. Of course, we do have some excellent cube inserts to help tidy up those shelving units, we’ve also got everything from mirrored shoe cabinets and blanket boxes to … ... More

how to clean grease off cooker hood

A cooker extractor hood is a little bit harder to clean usually because of the position and it will likely have some grease build up on the surface no matter how frequently you clean it. Use my previous steps for the hob cleaning, involving soapy water and scourer to initially break down the grease. Followed by spraying either the multi-purpose cleaner or the stainless-steel cleaner and wiping ... More

how to add more system information to windows 10

Next month I will show you how to add some more information to the output. About the Author Brien Posey is a 16-time Microsoft MVP with decades of IT experience. ... More

how to draw a wrist watch

Perhaps those watches use some kind of energy harvesting system to recharge a rechargeable battery? An automatic quartz watch has an energy harvesting mechanism that, like a mechanical self-winding watch, pulls small amounts of energy from the day-to-day motions of the person wearing it. ... More

how to add flavor to chicken soup

Having eaten six cans in the last two days (truly I was sick, else I would have made some soup from scratch) and experimented with each one, here are my findings and suggestions (after the break). ... More

how to cook beans indian style

This 5 bean curry is an Indian style curry, which is the blend of 5 protein-rich beans. This curry has a tomato based spicy masala which blends perfectly well with all different textured beans. ... More

memory maps how to close 3d view

Watch video · To find the effect, go to a city that's 3D enabled in Maps, and tap on the city to see if it supports Flyover, a 3D tour that's been on iOS for years. Tap Flyover, and suddenly the view of the ... More

how to delete your google plus account without deleting gmail

Yadi aap Gmail Account rakhna chahte hai but aap apne Gmail Account se jude Google Plus Account ko remove karna chahte hai to aap kar skate hai but yaad rahe yadi aapne ek bar apna Google Plus Account remove kar diya to dowara aap use recover nahi kar sakte hai. ... More

how to download free audio books

To download a book, find the item in your the series first, then download a specific book. If you don't see or , the book is already downloaded to your device. To download an audiobook, tap Reading Now, then tap your profile icon. Under My Purchases, tap Audiobooks, then find the audiobook that you want to download. Tap to redownload your previous purchase. Delete books, audiobooks or PDFs ... More

how to change system locale windows 10

Country setting: The set of preferences in the Windows NT 3.x Control Panel that determine the user default date, time, currency, and number formats. When a user installs Windows NT or Windows 95, he selects a default locale for the system. Although the user sets a single default locale, the setup ... More

how to buy us shares in australia

21/08/2014 · I own a small number of US shares (purchased from the company I used to work for in the US) and would like to sell them in Australia. The company (AZPN) is traded on NASDAQ. I have the paper share certificate, so I would need to get them converted electronically first. The … ... More

how to clean a scorched stainless steel pan

Diy how to clean burnt pan easily useful kitchen tip easiest way a or pot removing burnt oil from a frying pan a stainless steel pan with burnt oil scrub the burnt bottoms of your pans with bar keeper s friend to make them look new the best cleanser to remove tough burnt marks on pots and pans. ... More

how to become a residential home designer

Australian home design styles. This article gives a brief explanation of some of the residential architecture styles found in Australia. Just as these styles have developed from previous ones, the current styles are also being combined to create new hybrid designs, some of … ... More

how to build a nutcracker soldier

See more What others are saying "beesley Parade idea, Toy soldiers from the Nutcracker Dress up your kids in fun DIY Halloween costumes you make with everyday household items." ... More

how to add to google now

I accidentally swiped my weather card for my location away, and now it won't reload. I've gone in to Google Now's settings and checked that I still have a preference set for receiving weather updates for my location, and I do. ... More

how to get memory back on hard drive pc

When it comes to moving and storing an enormous amount of data files, nothing can beat the versatility of external hard drives. They are simply one of the ideal ways to ensure that you will not lose your data, even in the case of a computer crash, accidental deletions, memory loss, virus attacks, and more. ... More

how to add background to header in shopify

Common sections - Promotional, Header and Footer. District comes with three primary sections that are automatically included on the home page as well as all other pages of your store—promotional, header and footer. With the options, settings and blocks found in the promotional, header and footer sections you can set up store wide customizations. Promotional. Add promotional content to your ... More

how to connect note 8 to tv

Screen mirror from Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to a Samsung Smart TV. As you know, Samsung’s high end devices support inbuilt screen mirroring option to connect your smartphone to … ... More

how to add zfriends as neighbors on farmville 2

If you do not have a lot of friends from your Friend List playing Farmville 2, taking advantage of the neighbor connection system is a very good tactic. The reason for that has more to do with how much good that your neighbors will do for you and your farm, and how important the bonus is that you will gain by helping out on your neighbor's farms. ... More

how to carry luggage on top of car

However, if you intend to carry more or you don’t have a roof rack, you should drive slower, as the added weight to your roof can negatively affect your car’s handling and aerodynamics. Check the load. ... More

how to build a custom fightstick

X-Arcade™ is a line of bulletproof industrial quality arcade game controllers and arcade machines that inject the ultimate arcade game experience into your PC, MAC™ or game console. ... More

how to become a sales manager wikihow

How To Write A Proposal: 12 Steps - Wikihow Writing a good proposal is a critical skill in many occupations, from school to business management to geology. ... More

how to draw a bull easy step by step

How to draw Ferdinand the Bull - STEP BY STEP ART GUIDE - ART LESSON How to draw Ferdinand the Bull for Kids and Children guide. Our huge collection of step-by-step drawing lessons, tutorials and tips for kids. Learn how to draw Ferdinand the Bull, animals, flowers, people, cartoons and much more. Kids naturally have the urge to draw. Our easy, how to draw step by step method … ... More

how to call ducks with your hands

"You can derive your lonesome hen call from your basic quack. Learn to quack correctly and the rest will come from that," says Jim Olt. "Your lonesome call should be spaced out, and quick, with several seconds between. If the quacks are too close together it scares the ducks. And keep in mind that the lonesome hen is somewhat low and throaty." ... More

how to create a vignette in premiere has written a neat tutorial on how to create cool vignettes in Adobe Premiere Pro using the Lumetri Deep Color Engine. Why go about it in this way? ... More

how to add picture on outlook email

Navigate to the website where you receive Outlook Web Access email. Log in to your account. 2. Click "New" at the top of the window. An untitled message window opens. 3. Click the "Insert Picture ... More

how to change icons on s8 lockscreen

If you haven't noticed yet, you can access all lock screen widgets without having to enter the phone. A simple swipe over to a Gmail widget or Google Keep could be devastating if the right ... More

java how to program book free download

Note: If you're looking for a free download links of Java: How to Program, 8th Edition Pdf, epub, docx and torrent then this site is not for you. ... More

how to cook pork roast and sauerkraut

Great 'good luck' recipe for New Years Day. Pork roast and sauerkraut in the mid-west is a long time tradition. Cooking to 160 degrees may assure you of a dry roast. ... More

how to download fonts and add them to googler

There are a lot of different options today when it comes to serving up web fonts on your website or application. You can use a system font, host fonts locally, or use 3rd parties like Google or Typekit. ... More

how to download pdf files from net

15/10/2009 · To make life easier, lets for a moment forget about values stored in the database. Lets suppose in your project you've got a folder named files and in that folder there is a file called myfile.pdf and you want your hyperlink to navigate to this file. ... More

how to call three way on skype

In this training video, we’re going to show you how to create a group call with three or more people using the Polycom desk phone. Creating a three-way call in Skype for Business ... More

how to draw coily hair

I complete the strands here. Make sure to draw the lines one by one slowly, small mistakes are okay, don’t bother erasing them. Drawing slowly that way makes it easier to produce lines on my graphics tablets & pen displays, including the ones with parallax on them. ... More

how to buy a battle cup ticket

Battle cup ticket valve should really allow peoples to send/gift battle cup tickets. i have ticket and i will not use it and it will be cool to give him to my friend for allow him to use it. this should be possible, between compendium owner to gift ticket for battle cup. ... More

my sql workbench how to create a database

The standard mysql backup contains the "create database" part, that this backup has left out. This backup assumes that you already have a database in your system called sample and you simply restore the tables and their data to the database sample. ... More

how to delete iphone 4s contacts

17/07/2014 · The first thing you must do is to backup your contacts by copying all contacts from iPhone to your SIM card. As iPhone don't support copying contacts from its memory to your SIM card, so you need a third-party application called "SIManager". ... More

how to become an ice road trucker

24/12/2013 · Today I become an Ice Road Trucker! Coca Cola Truck: Snow Mod: Thanks for watching ... More

how to connect rca stereo to tv

Note: This unit includes an RCA to 3.5mm stereo adapter, but does not include audio cables for connecting to your equipment. Please check our TOSLINK , Digital COAX , and RCA categories to select the cable lengths of your choice. ... More

how to delete my name from google search engine

So google launch a tool called URL removal that helps the website owner who wants to remove URL from google search engine. In this article, we will explore the feature of Google URL removal tool in the google webmaster to remove URL from the google search engine. ... More

how to unlock a write protected hard drive

26/06/2017 · Choose a location on your hard drive to store the image file. The image file will be as big as the CD is, which means it could be up to 800 MB large. The image file will be as big as the CD is, which means it could be up to 800 MB large. ... More

how to change batteries in an xcell 2000 ups

Batteries are manufactured to meet applicable international engineering standards like IEC60123 & IEC60896. Our facilities also comply with international quality standards ... More

how to draw hands shake

I started working in a drs office. They are teaching me to do blood draws. Which I am thrilled to do!!! The problem is my hands shake. I know I am somewhat nervous...but I worry its more than that!! ... More

how to connect a cable box

Or coaxial? Easiest way to do it would be to connect through another device connected to the cable box, if the connectors mismatch between tuner card and cable box. ... More

how to download pokemon x rom for android

Pokemon X Rom Download Pokemon X Rom Android In Pokemon X Rom and Pokemon Y Rom , your Pokemon adventure will have a completely new dimension. Every corner of the star-shaped Kalos region comes to life, from the paved streets of Lumiose City to the darkest spots in the wilderness. ... More

how to buy back mortgaged property in monopoly app

Buy buildings as soon as you have a monopoly, or at least as soon as you get the money for them. Even one at a time is better than nothing. Mediterranean is a measly 4 dollars unimproved, but 10 with a single house. Make sure you keep a few bucks back in case, though. ... More

how to change exe to bak

Change the owner the key from System to your user. That done, you’ll be able to change that key. Open the ProgId registry key displayed in your question details, delete the value “ Applications\notepad.exe ” from it and reboot your computer. ... More

how to connect galaxy s3 to tv using usb

My Mountain Lion MacBook Pro (10.8.3) doesn't recognize my Samsung Galaxy S3 (4.1.1) for file transfer over USB. I am trying to use Android File Transfer, having … ... More

how to change lights on alienware

Fluorescent tube lights have been cost effective light "bulbs" since the late 1930s to early 1940s. By the early 1950s, more light was produced in the United States by these types of bulbs than by incandescent bulbs. ... More

wordpress how to add in image from mobile search

If you don’t like the video or need more instructions, then continue reading. Adding Post Thumbnail or Featured Image in WordPress. To add a featured image in a WordPress post, simply click on “Set Featured Image” link inside the featured image meta box shown in the screenshot above. ... More

how to add weight to hair

15/10/2018 · If your hair is naturally straight, or you just want to add more texture, there are many ways of temporarily curling your hair. Curling can be done relatively easy at home with a curling iron or rollers. A "permanent wave" adds wavy texture or curls to even the straightest hair through chemical processing and heat. Perms are fairly difficult to do at home and are best left to professional ... More

how to export from final cut pro x to youtube

Using a Timecode Generator Filter in Final Cut Pro was the previous entry in this blog. Using the Voice Over Tool in Final Cut Pro is the next entry in this blog. Find recent content on the main index or look in the archives to find all content. ... More

how to cook pink rice

Diana, a sweet Pressure Cooking Today reader, emailed me asking advice on cooking Madagascar pink rice. Diana said the package described the pink rice as having a subtly sweet flavor, elusively aromatic of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, that the rice … ... More

how to add newborn child on centrelink online

Then the child’s details. Add the Centrelink Health Care Card or Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card details or referral agent details. And fill in the questionnaire. Once you’ve checked your details are all correct click submit. If you are successful the voucher will appear – it can take a minute, so give the website a minute to respond. You can also check your email for a copy of the ... More

how to draw a reef

This Pin was discovered by Teresa Anderson. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. ... More

how to clean a flat screen tv with home products

How to Clean a Flat Screen TV. Plasma and LCD flat screen TVs require more care than glass TV screens. This wikiHow provides three methods for cleaning a flat s Plasma and LCD flat screen TVs require more care than glass TV screens. ... More

how to create a dmg file from windows

In order to make it supportable you have to covert these DMG files into ISO format. Today I will show you two methods to convert your Mac DMG file to ISO format. The first method consist of dmg2img tool and in the second method I have used Power ISO. ... More

how to create glitter confetti in illustrator

Glitter free vector art is available at Vecteezy! Find free sparkle backgrounds, glitter Christmas backgrounds, gold glitter images & gold shimmer images... Find free sparkle backgrounds, glitter Christmas backgrounds, gold glitter images & gold shimmer images... ... More

how to add my website to adsense

Scroll down and add URL of your website link on Sites authorized to show ads. Goto My ads and create new adunit, and copy paste the code to your website. Tat’s it, Thanks to read my article about How to Create adsense account without website. if you have some suggestion for my article or any query, you can feel free to comment below ?? ... More

how to clean a map sencer prado

The stock MAP sensor used on all non-supercharged and non-turbocharged engines is what as known as a 1-bar MAP sensor. This means the sensor is designed … ... More

how to build a brooder

Hi! I love your guide on making a brooder i just have one small question! You talked about building a converter for the fan in the section about buying the parts. ... More

how to delete steam contollers

Hand Tracking for SteamVR + VRidge Cameron Swisher wrote a guide on how to use Leap Motion as Vive Controllers. According to Cameron it works with VRidge so we thought we should share it since it allows to play games like The Lab (some tests are broken) which before were inaccessible. ... More

how to format a computer hard drive

No need for all of that. Just install the drive into your new system. On first POST, go into BIOS and change the boot order to have the DVD drive listed first. ... More

how to add pages to a pdf on mac

Save 50% On PDF Expert For Mac ($25) it does. When you find a place that you’d like to mark, choose Bookmarks > Add Bookmark (Command-D). Then enter a name for your bookmark and click Add ... More

how to become industrial engineer australia

The average salary for an Industrial Engineer is $82,868 per year in Australia. Salary estimates are based on 20 salaries submitted anonymously to Indeed by Industrial Engineer employees, users, and collected from past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months. ... More

how to share entire google drive

While this approach is very intuitive and follows the way Google Drive was designed to be used, it might lead to duplicated content and difficulty for other users to reach and search for content ... More

how to cook beef stew on the hob

Serve Pressure Cooker Beef Stew: Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve immediately with pasta, rice, or just eat it as is. Serve immediately with pasta, rice, or just eat it as is. Optional step: For more texture, add additional parboiled potatoes, chopped carrots, and chopped celery to the stew. ... More

how to choose heels for a dress

I believe that only the shoes with stiletto heels are the best shoes to wear. Why? Because this type of heel makes your legs look longer and thinner. Flat shoes or wedges shoes make your legs look definitely thicker. Look at this picture where the... ... More

how to draw a girl and a boy kissing

Cute Girl Drawing Cartoon Easy How To Draw A Boy And Girl Kissing Easy - Youtube Cute Girl Drawing Cartoon Easy How To Draw A Cute Girl #6 With A Ponytail Easy - Youtube Cute Girl Drawing Cartoon Easy How To Draw Blythe Baxter Step By Step Cute And Easy - Littlest ... More

how to cancel icloud subscriptions in apple

You’ll also lose your subscriptions to Apple Music and Apple News. If in-app subscriptions, or newspaper and magazine subscriptions are linked to your Apple ID, consider them gone. Active subscriptions get canceled at the end of their billing cycles. ... More

how to become a nail technician in maryland

To become a nail technician in Washington D.C., you must complete a formal educational program in nail technology. The nail technology program, which must be satisfactory to the Board, must be at least 350 hours long and must include the following courses (shown with the minimum training hours): ... More

how to create a template in outlook

Outlook has no such option but the workaround is really easy; instead of opening your template from the Drafts folder by double clicking on it, press the Forward button instead. For Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016, the method requires an additional step due to the Reading Pane Reply feature. ... More

how to cut off gargoyles tail dark souls

4/12/2011 · Alright, so I'm in my second playthrough (NG+), and I failed to remove the tails from Priscilla, Seath and the Gaping Dragon. I had also failed with the Gargoyles, but I managed to get one off the Gargoyle in Anor Londo (as well as the Belfry Gargoyle in NG+). ... More

how to create list of video in swift xcode

ios,xcode,swift Your custom initializer cannot initialize the immutable property. If you want it to be immutable then, instead of creating a custom initializer, just initialize in one of the required or designated initializer. ... More

how to become a real estate relocation specialist

A real estate agent by any other name is still an agent, whether you more often hear Realtor, broker or licensed real estate salesperson. The differences are in affiliation or certification level. The differences are in affiliation or certification level. ... More

how to add a comment box in wi

To add Facebook comment box in blogger you have to allow some additional scripts to load in your blog. It may slow down your site a little bit. Another important thing is, you must manually update this Facebook comment box plugin to get the optimum result and omit any security issue. It is a little time consuming and hesitating. ... More

how to connect the hose when using liquid fertiliser

Yates Dynamic Lifter Organic Plant Food Liquid is an natural fertiliser to gently feed all your garden plants and improve soil all year round. ... More

how to change vw polo wiper blades

5/01/2006 · The wiper change control lifts the wipers up a little bit from their normal park position at the very bottom of the windshield, to allow the wiper arms to be pulled up free of the glass and positioned at a right angle to the glass when the wiper blades are changed. If the wiper blades are not first moved up to the 'change' position, the wiper arm will scrape the trailing edge of the hood as it ... More

how to buy a belt size

What Should I Look For When Buying a Belt? A good belt made of sturdy leather will last decades, so don't be afraid to shell out $60-$100 for a good one, especially if you're a powerlifter, bodybuilder, or a general strength enthusiast. ... More

how to drive a man crazy on the first date

Here are 10 crazy date ideas that you can try when you've just met that special someone, or even after you've been dating (or married!) for years. ... More

club penguin rewritten how to change your name

17/10/2010 · My real name Shud Be iNukeCoD6 or iNukeThisHood but it have been over a month and I still have a p then numbers after it name please help and if there is a way to change ur name I wud liike to have the steps for that too please ty. ... More

how to cook falafel in the oven

Preheat oven to 200°C. Place the chickpeas, brown onion, garlic, parsley, fresh coriander, lemon rind and juice, ground coriander, cumin and baking powder in the bowl of a food processor and process, scraping down the side of the bowl regularly, until … ... More

how to build a fake tree

22/03/2009 · I painted a tree in my guest room on the wall then hung real bird houses from it; put a real nest in the fork of a tree, and hung some leaves ; fake ones from wal mart. ... More

how to inform name change of a permenant residencec

I need to do a name change on my Permanent Resident Card. When i was a child my father had applied for the card for me, I believe i was around 10-12. The card has always had my First and one of my Last Names. I renewed my card a few years ago but I had recently travel out of the US. When i tried to get back I was told that my card needed to reflect my actual name. I found the form that i need ... More

how to become an actor melbourne

Award-winning actress and theatre director, Sarah Cathcart, teaches the Alexander Technique in Melbourne to actors, musicians, singers, public speakers and people in everyday life. ... More

how to cook a ham in a slow cooker uk

Slow cooked shredded ham in a brown sugar and mustard sauce. This is the sort of thing you prepare a day or so in advance so that when you serve it you don't really have to do much of anything at all. ... More

how to break down a word

Break It Up: Compound Words Compound words are created when two words come together to form a new word. Learning compound words can be fun. Especially when you learn compound words with online games! This fun online game will teach you those compound words by dividing them up. Join Our Newsletter. Free Vocabulary Learning Games. Analogy Games Antonym Games Compound Word … ... More

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how to clean sterling silver necklace chain

Steps to Cleaning you Silver Chain: Using a toothbrush and white toothpaste, scrub your necklace thoroughly. Rinse the chain in warm water and rub it with a gentle cloth.

how to become a licencee queensland

To be certified as an accredited person, a person must have the expert skills, knowledge and experience to assess if the following comply with the relevant radiation safety standard:

how to change facetime ringtone on iphone 7

Tap on any of the sounds you’d like to change — ringtone, text tone, new voicemail, etc. In the resulting menu, find and select the custom ringtone or text tone you selected. Bonus Tip: You can also create a custom vibration pattern by tapping on Vibration in one of the sound categories.

how to cook corned beef in a dutch oven

Heat the oil in a Dutch oven. Add the beef and cook until brown on all sides, 10 to 15 minutes. Add the beef and cook until brown on all sides, 10 to 15 minutes. Add the onions and garlic and cook until the onions begin to soften, about 5 minutes.

how to draw a confused person

I think that's way people are so fascinated with this little rodents that live in holes as well as trees. Have fun drawing this chipmunk, and be sure to stay tuned for more to come..... Have fun drawing this chipmunk, and be sure to stay tuned for more to come.....

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Nunavut: Sanikiluaq NU, Blacklead Island NU, NU Canada, X0A 2H2

England: Doncaster ENG, High Wycombe ENG, Batley ENG, Chatham ENG, Bristol ENG, ENG United Kingdom W1U 5A5

Northern Ireland: Craigavon (incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Bangor NIR, Bangor NIR, Belfast NIR, Bangor NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 7H3

Scotland: Glasgow SCO, East Kilbride SCO, Hamilton SCO, Cumbernauld SCO, Livingston SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 4B1

Wales: Cardiff WAL, Swansea WAL, Newport WAL, Wrexham WAL, Swansea WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 3D1